Easy video generation for Etsy listings

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the recent trend of including videos in your Etsy listings, why you should do this, and how Crest (the ultimate Etsy assistant) makes it a trivial exercise.

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When creating a new listing on Etsy, if you scroll down a little, you’ll find a section labelled “video”. While still in beta, the feature is already live.

Add a video section on an Etsy listing

So, why should you care about this feature? After all, what was wrong with the photos we always used to use? The short answer is… nothing.

Photos are not going anywhere and they will still feature prominently on your listing. Indeed, photo thumbnails will continue to be used on search results, while videos will only appear on the listing page itself.

Technically, this could change in time, however Etsy are unlikely to take this step until the vast majority of buyers are using adequate internet connections e.g. 5G or fiber, and that is years, if not the better part of a decade away.

The main value from video is increased engagement. Our eyes are naturally drawn to movement (it’s a survival thing e.g. spotting danger and predators). As a result, a video on a page filled with images will attract our attention.

Since the video is what a buyer focuses on, they’re more likely to click on it. Once they’re through, they’re more likely to favourite it, and potentially buy the product. I say potentially because your listing still has to actually “sell” the product, a video simply brings a buyer through the door.

It’s also worth noting that even if the buyer doesn’t purchase the listing that the video is attached to, they may explore your shop and buy something else.

You have a range of products that can do this. At the high-end, pro sector of the market, you have Avid, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, but for many sellers these are expensive and overkill for their needs.

At a more down to earth level, you have Apple iMovie and Microsoft Photos. However, you still need to learn how they work. Then, for each listing, you need to import your content, resize it, add it to the timeline, apply one or more transitions, export it at the correct size, and finally upload it.

Even with really good muscle memory, you’re probably looking at around 15–20 minutes per listing. If you’re adding half a dozen listings to your shop, then you’re looking at an additional 90 minutes to 2 hours just on video!

You might be wondering, is there any way to make this effortless? The answer, is yes! Crest includes a video generation tool that uses your existing listing images to automatically create a video for you. Let’s see how…

First, find your listing on Crest, then click on the “Video” tab.

You’ll see that your first 5 images have been automatically pre-selected (you can change them if you need to). All that’s left, is to select the transition effect that will divide each image (there are several to choose from).

Video configuration for an Etsy listing

With our images selected, and the transition effect chosen, all we have to do is click the “generate” button and Crest will work its magic. We also get a nice report on how it’s going so we’re not left in the dark.

The progress report for video generation

Once the video is rendered, it will automatically be downloaded. We can then upload it to our Etsy listing, or share it on social media.

The entire process required just a couple of clicks and lead to a rendered video that we were able to upload in just a minute or two. Magic!

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