How can I optimize the SEO of my Etsy listings to increase my traffic?

In this article, we’ll be exploring how you can use Crest, an Etsy analytics tool, to improve the SEO of your listings. Ensuring your listings have good SEO, or search-engine-optimization, is essential in a large marketplace.

DISCLAIMER: SEO is a very large topic, indeed there are whole courses on it, not just for Etsy, but for other platforms like Google, Bing, and so on. This article is not a complete “How To”, but rather a demonstration of how you can use Crest to complement your existing SEO strategy.

The first and most important thing to do when trying to improve your listings for exposure on Etsy, is review the official documentation on how their search engine works and what it uses to grade the content on its platform.

Fortunately, Etsy makes this relatively easy…

A little while ago, they created a multi-part series called “The Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search”. If you have yet to read this, then you should take some time to review it thoroughly before proceeding any further.

Let’s work on a listing that isn’t giving us a particularly good number of sales. We can find one by visiting Crest’s “Popular Report” and sorting the results by order total in ascending order.

TIP: If you want to be more specific, for example, you want to target your least performing listings by country, state, or even city, then just apply a filter to do so.

Our least performing listings

We’ll select “Vibrant Print #11”.

Once we’ve chosen a listing, we can visit the “Marketing Report” to see how it’s doing. You’ll find specific sections for the listing’s title, description, tags, as well as few miscellaneous observations.

The good news is that the “recommendation” and “consideration” lists within each of these sections is built on the same criteria provided by Etsy in their ultimate guide to search. As a result, you know you can apply them!

Each section works in the same way, so rather than repeat ourselves in this article, we’ll just focus on the title.

The analysis of the listing’s title

One of the very best things about the “Marketing Report” compared to other SEO tools is that the text boxes within each section are both dynamic and real time. If you alter the text within them, then Crest will immediately update the list of recommendations to reflect the new content!

Let’s apply some of the recommendations and come up with a new title:

Abstract Pattern Print, Contemporary Art, Colorful Wall Art, Geometric Art Print, Graphic Wall Art, Large Wall Art, Multi-Color Art

The revised analysis for the listing’s title

Nice! Much improved, but we still have some way to go. The title is still too long and it contains some duplicated words. Let’s fix that:

Abstract Pattern, Contemporary Art, Colorful Wall Print, Geometric Design

The final analysis of the listing’s title

Excellent! Crest is now telling us that it has no direct recommendations for SEO improvements on the listing’s title. We can now move on to targeting the listing’s description, tags and miscellaneous elements.

TIP: Don’t forget to review the “considerations” list. While Crest cannot directly check your content for it, the list still contains valuable tips.

Once we’re done with the changes, head on over to Etsy to update the listing.

When that’s done, return back to the report. From the “options” menu, select “refresh the listing” to synchronize the changes. You should then confirm that everything is still looking good.

Refresh the listing to synchronize any changes

These days, the most successful sellers on Etsy no longer rely on customers finding them entirely through Etsy search. Instead they market through ads and by sharing content through social media.

This is then picked up by external search engines such as Google, which further expands your reach, and by extension, chances of a click through.

So, where should you post content / host ads?

While the old adage of “any publicity is good publicity”, simply adopting this philosophy without reservation can lead to you spending too much time in the wrong place. Instead, focus on social media platforms that emphasise the visual side of content e.g. Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc.

These platforms include their own forms of SEO, normally tagging, so take time to learn about how they work and which types to use.

While not as a fully-featured as dedicated SEO apps, Crest’s Marketing Report is an extremely useful tool for ensuring that your listing’s content meets the criteria laid out by Etsy in their search guide. In addition, it’s real time editing makes trying new ideas for content a breeze!

If you don’t have a Crest account, now is an excellent time to sign up for one!

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