What should I make for a particular market?

In this article, we’ll be exploring how you can use Crest, an Etsy analytics tool, to answer a specific business question. Let’s begin with the question itself:

What type of product should I make, and for which particular market?

Fortunately, Crest makes this an exceptionally easy task thanks to its suite of location-based analytics tools. Let’s see how we can answer it.

Before we can even think about what to make, we need to consider what market we are targeting. There are several different criteria that you might use to identify your chosen market:

  1. The total number of orders.
  2. The combined revenue from orders.
  3. Proximity to your business (when selling physical goods).
  4. Associated costs, such as delivery.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll go with option #1.

Our first step, is to visit the “Location Report”. This will allow us to see each individual country’s order count, total revenue and average spend. As you would expect, the top performing country is listed first…

Countries on the Location Report

As we can see, the United States is performing very well. Clearly, that market is not in need of attention. Instead, let’s focus on the United Kingdom and try to lift it up to a similar performance level as the USA.

Now that we’ve selected a market, let’s click on the “view sold listings” link to head over to the “Popular Report”. This will show us which of our products have been moving within the United Kingdom, with the best-selling listings appearing at the top of the page.

NOTE: By default, the order count is used as the criteria when sorting your best-selling listing, but you can also use revenue if you prefer.

Best-selling listings within the United Kingdom

A quick glance at the stats reveals that “Pop Art” is our best-selling category, but “Abstract Art” is no slouch either. Based on this information, it would make sense for us to create a new product in one of those categories.

However, what if there was other criteria, which we also needed to take into account… such as a marketing campaign we’re planning to run?

We know we should create a piece of “Pop Art” or “Abstract Art”, but we’re also intending to run a marketing campaign that will primarily be based in and around the capital, London.

Let’s take a moment to apply an additional filter to our report that limits the results to orders with delivery addresses in London…

Best-selling listings within London, England, United Kingdom

Whoa, suddenly our country-wide ideal categories are no longer at the top of the list. Rather, it appears that our customers in London are instead very much in love with our “Vibrant Print” pieces.

With Crest in our tool bag, we were able to quickly discover a market that we can target for improvement, as well as the correct product we should make to assist with that improvement. Better still, it only took us a few clicks!

If you don’t have a Crest account, now is an excellent time to sign up for one!

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