Where should I focus my efforts for the next thirty days?

In this article, we’ll be exploring how you can use Crest, an Etsy analytics tool, to plan your activity over a period of time, such as thirty days.

While no tool can directly answer the question “what are the best activities to focus on to improve my business in the short term”, Crest does include some features that can assist you in reaching the decision.

Let’s see how we can use them…

We’ll begin by assuming that the current date is October 1st. The year isn’t important, so we’ll go for 2020. Let’s also assume that we run a craft business that is based within the state of Oregon, USA.

Given that we’re interested on making a decision that is time-sensitive, our first stop should be the “Events Calendar”.

It includes many upcoming major international holidays and events in the USA, UK, Mexico, Canada, China, and various other countries.

Upcoming events calendar

Looking at calendar, we can see that “Dia de Muertos”, the day of the dead is happening in Mexico. This is a major celebration that occurs not just in Mexico, but in other territories with large Mexican populations.

“Guy Fawkes Night” is also taking place in the United Kingdom. This is a major event that includes bonfires and fireworks. It is also popular for locals to buy and then burn effigies of individuals that are disliked, often politicians.

Both of the above events will occur in approximately 30 days time, which satisfies our goal. We also know that we can make products for both of them:

  1. For “Guy Fawkes Night”, we could create effigies of different personalities.
  2. For “Dia de Muertos”, we could create skeletons, dolls, candles, or art.

Now, we need to decide which event to focus on. Crest can help us with that with a quick visit to the “Location Report”. If we scroll down to the world map and hover over Mexico, then the United Kingdom, we can see our relative performance / success in those countries.

TIP: You can also use the list view of countries further down the page if you are not certain of the global position of each country.

Sales in Mexico vs. United Kingdom

Clearly, the United Kingdom is a much more successful market for us. That said, relying solely on that statistic may not be the best idea…

While the data suggests the UK, as a smart business owner we know that we must take other elements into consideration. For example:

  1. Our relative proximity to Mexico might make delivery costs cheaper.
  2. While we can create effigies of different variations (people), we are largely limited to creating a single product category (effigies).
  3. By contrast, we can create a variety of items for Mexico. These items will vary in both price and material cost, and may be cheaper.
  4. A single product category does have its benefits, for example, our SEO is simpler. Unlike “Dia de Muertos”, which will feature many items and, by extension, many different search terms, people in the UK are likely to be searching primarily for “dolls” and “effigies”.

Ultimately, as with all business decisions, it is on us to use all the available information that we have to make the most informed choice. The good news, is that Crest’s feature-set can help assist in that regard.

If you don’t have a Crest account, now is an excellent time to sign up for one!

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